This is the official online store of TENG STORE OSAKA, a men's apparel store in Kita-ku, Osaka City. We offer our original brand "LAC" and other large size items.

Size (measurements) information

Since there are differences in size standards among manufacturers, we recommend that you take measurements of your clothes and compare them.

  • 【Shoulder width】

    From contact point to contact point between body and sleeve

  • 【Width of a garment】

    From the base of the sleeve to the base of the sleeve on both sides

  • 【Sleeve length】

    Length from the center of the seam of the back collar to the cuff via the center of the shoulder tip in a straight line

  • 【Cuff】
    Width of cuff

  • 【Arm Hall】

    Twice the value measured in a straight line from the tip of the shoulder to the sleeve attachment at the side.

  • 【Sleeve Length】

    Length of shoulder seam to cuff

  • 【Length】

    Length and width of the hem from the intersection of the collar seam and the shoulder seam
    * For clothes with a curved hem, measure the longest part.

  • 【Waist】

    Align the top of the waist, end to end x 2

  • 【Hip】

    Maximum width of hip area x 2

  • 【Width】
    Right and left width of inner thigh joint

  • 【Total Length】
    Length from the top of the waist belt to the hem

  • 【Rise】
    The length of a straight line from the top of the front waist to the cross seam of the crotch.

  • 【inseam】
    The length of a straight line from the inner thigh joint to the hem along the inner thigh seam.

  • 【Sleeve width】
    Width of right and left hem sections