This is the official online store of TENG STORE OSAKA, a men's apparel store in Kita-ku, Osaka City. We offer our original brand "LAC" and other large size items.

Notice of "The Salon / TOKYO" held

"The Salon / TOKYO" will be held for three days of March 19 (SAT), 20th (Sun) and 21 (MON)!

\ Clothing, housing and food, Lifestyle Market-

March 19 (SAT) · 3 days of the 20th (Sun) · 21 (Mon), Men's Fashion Exhibition "The Salon" started in 2 cities in Tokyo Osaka from 2018 It will be held. A unique brand that adds Ilodori to lifestyle, such as fashion, art, craft, beauty, music, food, etc. Please come out by all means♪

(As like the Salon in the past)

● TONBOW (hat / wear)

The theme of this season is 'BeastyBoy'
New hats and popular shorts for summer from spring are also prepared.
At the exhibition, we will sell new T-shirts, pants and goods.

* TOKYO CAP / New COLOR   Fresh Green Price: 6,362 (6,998) YEN


● Lac by Teng Store OSAKA (Men's Fashion)

New Denim shirt coats and T-shirts and shirts coming from now on, as well as stretch denim, which was out of stock!
If you are concerned, please visit early!

Original brand of Teng Store OSAKA.
Producing shirt pants and full items from hat, focusing on large size.
I want to enjoy more fashion because my body is big, but I want to enjoy more fashion, starting 2016 from such thoughts.

● TARZANKICK (drawing fashion wear)

Morita Fumiaki
After waking up at Neikaderic Anal from Psychedelic Anal in 2006, artists who crossover fashion and art and continue activities.
Her works that were colored in her psychedelic bring people simultaneously with their smiles.
In her recent years, not only painting but also sculptures, embroidery, animation, etc.


● IBAMOTO HONTEN × Sakura 3-chome (fabric, clothes, tailoring, remake)

It is a collaboration opening of IBAMOTO HONTEN with IBAMOTO HONTEN to create a fabric.
We will sell clothes and accessories using the IBAMOTO HONTEN fabric.
Of course, you can combine the sizes and dressed in order while enjoying the arrangement.
You can bring your clothes and consult with remake.

The fabric of IBAMOTO Honten is also prepared by purchasing the cut of fabrics and stuffing of Hagiru, so you can enjoy it as a material!

Textile designer, hand-woven cloth by Ayane Fujioka, craftsman and machine and clothing shop. Based in Hyogo Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefectural Nishiwaki City, taking advantage of the training experience at the textile plant, we have made cloth making from the thread selection to the design and finish.

【Sakura 3-chome】
A dressing studio in Sakura Sakai, Sakura 3-chome, a Sakura-ku, a few famous people.
This time, I will open it with Rikakikaku and Kawabiyume.


● BOWTIE BOWYA (wear, miscellaneous goods)

All processes have a designer itself, one by one, and it has also developed items such as scarf and suspenders, mainly in the collection of Bowtai, a three-dimensional and luxurious feeling. "Bowya", which is also a brand name means "boy", and like curious children, new and detail are producing new even though it is not an idea of ​​fixing.

● Don't Kill My Fancy

Through various cultures, it is a unisex brand that is expanding focusing on a pop-up graphic item in pop.
We continue to propose products for all people who have their own style and belief.


● Bears (Workshop, Wear, Goods, Interior Consultation)

Space Design Office "Bears Co., Ltd." active at Tokyo and Nakano
Beside stores, houses, office space design products design, product planning and directions, etc. We are also engaged in planning production of DIY videos at "Lifull Home's Diy Mag".

This time, we do workshops using Aroma Wax Sache and Paracode.
We also sell T-SHIRT and BASEBALL CAP manufactured by collaborating with various illustrator for sale at web shop.
We will also bring products with limited events! !
In addition, I'm thinking about buying furniture this time, but how to coordinate, if you are troubled, you will be making an interior consultation meeting, such as those who are thinking about renovation of your room! It will be a reservation system, but please contact this opportunity! !

Instagram: Bears

● DARK CHERRY CAFE (Hand drip coffee)

Shinjuku Sanchome's weekend late-night cafe bar. It is an open from 23:30 to 28:00.
There are hand drip, tea, various alcohols, food and sweets.

Twitter:Dark Cherry Cafe
Instagram:Dark Cherry Cafe

● Nino Cora by Tenchos (Craft Cola)

Craft cola serving as "Tenchos" in Osaka Togano-cho.
This time Dark Cherry Cafe will provide Craft Cola.
There is also a bottle sale at the Teng Store OSAKA booth!

Instagram:Hibino cola

● LAC Home (Skin Care)

Lac Home Skin Care Destruction of Items, this time!
Of course there is also sale, so please try this opportunity!

Lac Home

● MUSIC DJ's "Coolg, Monta, Showhey"

Three people are currently widely active in Tokyo clubs and bars.
This time, it will be exciting in the venue in the venue!

<The SALON / TOKYO schedule>
March 19 (Sat) 12: 00-19: 00
March 20 (Sun) 11: 00-19: 00
March 21 (MON) 11: 00-18: 00
free entrance

<The SALON / TOKYO address>
Sooo Dramatic!
Hidetani 1-11-15, Higashi-ku, Tokyo

[Infection for infections in this event]
· The staff wears a mask for infection expansion prevention.
· We will install an alcohol disinfectant in the venue, and strive to prevent infection and diffusion.
· The venue always holds ventilation.
· The place where people's hands touches regularly by regularly disinfecting alcohol.
· Take the distance for each booth and consider the situation that is difficult to dense.

[Request for your cooperation for visitors
1. When entering, please cooperate with the following cooperation.
· Please wear a mask.
· When the staff enters, we will disinfect the alcohol of the temperature and fingers.
2. Customers with the following symptoms Please refrain from visiting.
※ Please note that depending on the circumstances, we may refuse admission.
· If there is a heat generation of 37.5 ° C or more or heat generation continues
· If there is a cold symptom (fever, cough, sneezing, throat pain, etc.)
· If there is strongness (fatigue) and breathtures (dyspnea)
· Other people who are uneasy about physical condition
3. Thank you for your cooperation in "Masturbate Handwashing, Hand Disinfecting".
4. Promote "cough etiquette". If you have a mask, please wear it. If you have symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, please cooperate in wearing masks in the venue. (Because we do not provide masks at the venue, please note in advance.)
5. In order to prevent new coronavirus infection infection, infection prevention measures are conducted based on "new coronavirus infection spreading guidelines". Along with this, you may be able to cooperate with everyone in the event of a health center, etc.