This is the official online store of TENG STORE OSAKA, a men's apparel store in Kita-ku, Osaka City. We offer our original brand "LAC" and other large size items.

We will be holding a two-day collaborative sales event in Tokyo on December 18 (Sat) and 19 (Sun)!

\ "TENG STORE OSAKA", "monsieur monsieur" and "BOWTIE BOWYA" will be participating for the first time! /

The large size apparel store "TENG STORE OSAKA" will hold a sales event at "SO-WE" in Koenji for two days on December 18th and 19th!
This time, "monsieur monsieur" will also have a lot of new items for sale!
In addition, the bow tie brand "BOWTIE BOWYA" will be participating for the first time this year.
For the first time ever, the bow tie brand "BOWTIE BOWYA" will be participating in the event, offering a wide range of cute items such as bow ties, scarves, and suspenders made by the designer herself one by one!
And then there's the much talked about craft cola "Hibino Cola"!
And of course, you can try out LAC HOME, which is currently undergoing crowdfunding!
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

\ We'll have lots of goodies for you this winter! /

(At the last sales event in Asakusabashi)
We will have a wide variety of new items that you can wear right away this winter, including jackets, coats, ponchos, and stretch pants!

TENG STORE OSAKA is a men's apparel store in Osaka that mainly deals in large sizes.
TENG STORE OSAKA is a men's apparel store in Osaka that mainly deals with larger sizes. TENG STORE's original brand "LAC" is a brand that allows people with thicker or larger bodies to enjoy choosing and wearing clothes.
We plan and sell stretch denim pants that are both comfortable and cool, as well as shirts that look good on larger and larger sizes.
Please take this opportunity to pick up a pair and feel the commitment of "LAC"!

\ The popular remake shirts will also be available at the Tokyo sales event! /

Every time we release a remake shirt, it sells out immediately, but we will start releasing new ones at this sales event!
There are already more than 200 remake shirts that will never be the same.
We will have 25 shirts this time, so please look forward to them!

\ Our first participant, "BOWTIE BOWYA"! /

This time, the bow tie brand "BOWTIE BOWYA" participated for the first time!
In addition to bow ties made from fabrics selected by the designer herself, there were also bags, scarves, suspenders, and other cute items!
You'll also find the designer's own selection of crafty items from her atelier "atelier boe"!
Address: 5F, Shinjuku Bld. No.3, 3-1-32, Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo To, 160-0022, Japan
Business day: Irregular

○ BOWTIE BOWYA (Bow Thai Boya)

The designer himself handles all the processes, knots each item by hand, and carefully finishes the collection of bow ties to give them a three-dimensional and luxurious look. The brand name "BOWYA" means "boy," and like a curious child, the designer creates new things without having fixed ideas about materials and details.

\ The designer carefully makes each item of clothing, and the event is held in collaboration with monsieur monsieur. /

"monsieur monsieur" who does all the processes from design, pattern, sewing to sales by himself.
We're co-hosting this event again!

"monsieur monsieur" has many unisex items that are available in free sizes, but this time we have prepared SF (Super Free) sizes for the big men.
In addition to the tapered sarouel pants and the popular half-and-half shirts, the new raglan-sleeve shirts and layered shirts will also be available in their holiday versions!

(Past sales events)

\ Choosing the right clothes for your body type. Are you feeling stressed? /

I wonder what really fits my body type.
Ready-made clothes don't always fit my body shape.
I don't know how to choose clothes.
The three members of TENG STORE OSAKA will come up with a styling plan to solve the stress of choosing clothes together!

\ LAC HOME's product samples are also on display! /

We will also be displaying samples of the two skincare items that were so popular at the Tokyo and Osaka exhibitions!
Please come and be the first to experience the new products to be released in the new year!

Crowdfunding Challenge!

\ Hibino Cola, Bottles will be sold ^^ /

We'll also be selling bottles of the newly released Hibino Cola! (The number of bottles is limited).
If you've been curious but haven't tried it yet, this is your chance!

Click here for the sales site of Hibino Cola.

-Date & Time-
December 18, 2021 (Sat) 12:00 to 19:00
December 19, 2002 (Sun) 11:00 to 18:00

So-We -Koenji-
2-22-2, Koenjikita, Suginami Ku, Tokyo To, 166-0002, Japan
A two-minute walk from JR Koenji Station.
Just past the Junjo shopping street.

(Building entrance)
Please enter the building through the glass door and take the elevator or stairs to the second floor.

[Infection prevention measures at this event]
· In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, staff may wear masks.
· Alcohol disinfectant will be available in the venue to prevent infection and spread.
· The venue will be ventilated at all times.
· Regularly disinfect areas that are touched by human hands with alcohol.
· Keep a distance between each booth to avoid dense situations.

[Request for cooperation from visitors]
1. Please refrain from coming if you have any of the following symptoms;
*Please note that admission may be denied depending on circumstances.
· Those with a fever of 37.5°C or higher, or those with ongoing fever
· Those with symptoms of a cold (fever, cough, sneezing, sore throat, etc.)
· Those who have strong sluggishness (fatigue) or breathlessness (dyspnea)
· Other people who have concerns about their physical condition
2. Please wash your hands and disinfect your hands frequently.
3. Please follow "cough etiquette". If you have a mask, please wear it. If you have symptoms of coughing or sneezing, please wear a mask in the venue. (Please note that masks will not be provided at the venue.)