This is the official online store of TENG STORE OSAKA, a men's apparel store in Kita-ku, Osaka City. We offer our original brand "LAC" and other large size items.

Get 500 yen worth of points just for registering as a new member♪

If you are a registered member, 1% of the amount of your purchase will be added as points after checkout.
You can use them at your next checkout!

If you register as a new member this time, you will receive 500 points!

-How to use the points-

1. When you register as a member, "Current Points" will be displayed in the lower left corner.

2. A window will open and display the "Current Points".

3. To use points, please enter the number of points in the "Points to use this time" field.

4. After entering the number of points, press "Use".
The purchase amount using the points will be automatically displayed on the address entry screen in the cart transition.
* You can't use them with other coupons.

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