This is the official online store of TENG STORE OSAKA, a men's apparel store in Kita-ku, Osaka City. We offer our original brand "LAC" and other large size items.

About "unisize"

The TENG STORE OSAKA online shopping site has introduced unisize, a service that helps customers choose their size.

There is no need to register as a member to use this online fitting support service, which allows you to find out the best size for your body type just by answering a simple questionnaire in about a minute.

If you are interested in any of the products that have the unisize banner on them, we can help you find the right size.
* unisize is a service provided by Makip Inc.

How to use "unisize"

1 Click the banner on the product page!

Click on the "unisize" banner under the "Size Chart" on the product page.

* The banner will not be displayed on products that are not eligible for the unisize service.

2 Fill out the survey!

Enter your height, weight, and other basic information, and click "Finish.

If you enter the name of another brand in the "Brand you wear often" field, a list of candidates will be displayed for you to choose from.
※ You cannot specify a brand that does not appear on the list.

3 Show recommended sizes!

A silhouette of the recommended size and image of the wearer will be displayed.

For products in the same category, we will suggest sizes based on the questionnaires you have already answered.
For example, if you answer a questionnaire about pants size once, Uniisize will suggest the best size for you on all the pants product pages.
* If you use a different browser than the one you used to answer the questionnaire, you will need to answer the questionnaire again, as the questionnaire input information and results are retained by each browser.

Useful Features

You can register your favorite size items!

You can measure and register the size of your items.
You can use a measuring tape to measure and register the perfect size or your favorite size.
You can easily compare your size with items you want to know the size of.

Click here to compare with the actual size of your clothes.
* You will be redirected to an external website.

Click here to see how it compares to the item you purchased.
* You will be redirected to an external website.

If you log in, you can compare the data of your purchases with the data of your purchase history.

Environment for using unisize

Browser for PCs
· Microsoft Internet Explorer (Latest Version)
· Google Chrome (Latest Version)
· Firefox (latest version)
· Safari (latest version)
Target smartphone models
· Android 4.4 or later (Google Chrome)
· IOS 9 or later
* Screen display and operation may not be correct in environments other than the above.
* Since the input information and results of the questionnaire are retained by each browser, if you use a browser other than the one you answered, you will need to answer the questionnaire again.